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UV Air Purification makes the air you breath pure and clean

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City Fuel recognizes the value of providing our customers with UV Air Purification to promote healthy living conditions in today’s homes.

Since the advent of improved home construction and insulation, indoor air has become more stagnant and contains more bacteria, viruses, molds and toxins than ever. Common filtering solutions are not as effective as UV Air Purification because most types of bacteria pass through filtering devices rendering them ineffective and not cost effective.  Even HEPA Filters do not provide an adequate defense because they only trap large airborne bacteria and contaminates and then provide a breeding ground for these bacteria on the filter itself.  UV Air Purification kills dangerous microbes and stops contaminates at the source, within air ducts. City Fuel is the trusted provider of service, repair and instillation of Ultra Violet Purification for customers residing in Greater Manchester, NH, including Bedford, Auburn, Hollis, Candia, Hooksett, Goffstown, Merrimack, Deerfield, Allenstown, Suncook, Londonderry, Derry, Amherst, Litchfield, Weare, Dunbarton, Pembroke and New Boston.

UV Air Purification’s effectiveness in killing bacteria is directly related to a microorganism’s exposure time. Indoor air in a typical residential forced air system will be re-circulated over 50 times a day. With a UV Generating Lamp mounted in the heating system and HVAC unit output duct, cumulative exposure can be very effective in controlling indoor bacteria. UV rays will also kill germs that breed in the heat exchanger and condensation trays. Properly positioned in an air system, an Ultraviolet Air Purification system can significantly reduce indoor air contamination and prevent the growth of new microorganisms.

Benefits of installing a UV Air Purification system:

  • UV effectively kills bad airborne microbes in the ducts of your air system, stopping them in their tracks. Recommended for individuals with depressed immune systems, asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions
  • UV Air Purification test results have yielded at least a 90% reduction of more bacteria, viruses, molds and toxins within air ducts.
  • Ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) replicates the natural outdoor purification system of the sun by destroying the illness and disease-causing microbes living and multiplying in indoors air.
  • UV-Air Purification uses the energy from a specially designed, high-intensity UV-C lamp to reduce microorganisms in the entire home.
  • Installs easily and is energy efficient and powered by a standard 120V outlet.

City Fuel offers the most qualified Service Department in Southern NH.  This means we will help you determine how to fix your issue in the most economic manner, meeting and exceeding your expectations in a way that only a specialized heating company can.  This includes ensuring your entire system is designed correctly in ways that contracting companies are not familiar with.  All of our work is backed by applicable manufacturer warranties.

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