Oil vs. Electric

City FuelOil heat is a more efficient source of residential warmth than electricity

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At City Fuel, we understand that one of the most important decisions new homeowners must make is how to heat and protect your household.  Factors you should consider are cost, safety, availability, and comfort. Consider using Oil Heat for the before making any quick decisions that may actually cost you more money in the long-run.

Heating with electricity is very costly, and nearly half of the energy is lost in transmission from the power plant, through the power lines, to your home.  Consider Oil Heat for the following benefits:

    • The most common form of electric heating system is called a heat pump.  Heating provided by heat pump is not efficient at low temperatures and requires a back-up resistance heater in cold weather which is very inefficient and costly.  At the same time, the average temperature of air coming out of a heat pump is 98 degrees which does not create enough heat to keep you comfortable on a cold day. The average oil heat air temperature is 140 degrees, which guarantees warmth even on the coldest days. Click here to learn more about new highly efficient Oil Heat systems
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    • The hot water recovery rate (the amount of hot water that can be made in one hour) of an oil-fired hot water heater is three times faster than that of an electric hot water heater.  For families, heating with electricity means long wait times between showers and washes, and high electric bills. Click here to learn more about efficient Oil Hot Water Heaters
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  • Oil heat provides the highest level of comfort as compared to dry and expensive electric heat.
  • Oil heat is provided by many companies, all actively engaged in a highly competitive industry. Electric heat is provided by one big utility – no choice and no competition. Which do you think is better for the consumer: competition among suppliers or a utility monopoly? With oil heat, you receive personalized, “I’ll-be-right-over” service from City Fuel, who knows you and your heating system.
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  • Oil tank technology provides certified safety with EPA-tested technology.  By purchasing an Oil Tank Warranty from City Fuel, you will receive an annual tank inspection and $1,000 Tank Replacement Warranty* (Warranty covers a normal replacement of your tank, see warranty details)
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  • Invest in a new highly efficient, clean burning heating system and continue to utilize your oil heat infrastructure while reducing your oil consumption.
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