Oil vs. Gas

Oil heat provides more efficient residential warmth than gas

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At City Fuel, we understand that one of the most important decisions new homeowners must make how to heat and protect your household.  Factors you must consider are cost, safety, availability, and comfort. Consider Oil Heat for your heating needs before making any quick decisions that may cost you in the long-run.

Natural Gas has hidden costs:

  • Oil creates 140,000 BTU’s of heat per gallon while a gallon equivalent of Natural Gas produces 100,000 BTU’s.  You will need to burn approximately 40% more natural gas to receive the same heating equivalent as heating oil.

The conversion process to Natural Gas costs more than $10,000 in labor and parts.

  • Removal of an oil tank costs approximately $500-$1,700.
  • Installation of a chimney liner in order to prevent against possible odorless, clear and poisonous carbon monoxide leaks $2000+
  • Gas line to new furnace $400+
  • New Furnace purchase
  • Installation services
  • Removal of the existing heating system and any resulting disposal costs can easily cost $1000.
  • Natural Gas Systems and LNG storage areas are not as safe as their Heating Oil equivalent.  Recent news events across New England and Manchester, NH highlight this.

Heating with Gas is very costly and nearly 40% of energy is lost while heating when compared to using Oil Heat.  Consider Oil Heat for the following benefits:

City Fuel

  • Oil tank technology provides safety certified with EPA testing methods.  By purchasing an Oil Tank Warranty from City Fuel, you will receive an annual tank inspection and $1,000 Tank Replacement Warranty*(Warranty covers a normal replacement of your tank, see warranty details)
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  • New, highly efficient, clean-burning heating systems allow you to continue to utilize your oil heat infrastructure while reducing your oil consumption.
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  • Unlike gas, oil heat cannot explode.  If a gas leak occurs a simply spark can cause an explosion.
  • Utilizing the same safe heating source eliminates any conversion costs.
  • Continue to receive the fastest hot water producing technology from an oil fired hot water heater while using less energy in doing so than that of gas or electricity.
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  • Receive the highest level of comfort when compared to expensive inefficient gas.
  • Oil heat is provided by many companies, all actively engaged in a highly competitive industry. Gas heat is provided by one big utility – no choice and no competition. Which do you think is better for the consumer: competition among suppliers or a utility monopoly? With Oilheat, you receive personalized, “I’ll-be-right-over” service from City fuel who knows you and your heating system.
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Contact City Fuel for a free energy audit to determine how to save on energy costs if residing in Greater Manchester, NH, including Bedford, Auburn, Hollis, Candia, Hooksett, Goffstown, Merrimack, Deerfield, Allenstown, Suncook, Londonderry, Derry, Amherst, Litchfield, Weare, Dunbarton, Pembroke and New Boston.

City Fuel Sign and Entry

For the past twenty seven years, I have been a customer of City Fuel. They have provided fuel oil and service for my heating needs.

Not only is their labor and materials (fuel oil) prices competitive they have outstanding service. As a business owner in the manufacturing market I can attest it is critical to have competent and reliable service for equipment and components purchased to produce an end product.

I am a perfectionist and demand much of others, including myself. City Fuel has more than adequately met my expectations for service. Their technicians are highly skilled and communicative.

So, if you are seeking a change and looking for excellence, give them a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Bernard G. Ruchin, Fieldstone Woodcraft