Diesel Fleet Fueling

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City Fuel Fleet Fueling

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City Fuel is proud to announce increased vehicle fleet fueling capabilities at your location with our dedicated diesel delivery fleet.  Our specialized fleet of fuel delivery trucks ensure your needs are met and exceed 365 days a year. Of course, convenience and great service is even more appreciated when it’s combined with our aggressive pricing system.  We serve customers in Greater Manchester, NH, including Bedford, Auburn, Hollis, Candia, Hooksett, Goffstown, Merrimack, Deerfield, Allenstown, Suncook, Londonderry, Derry, Amherst, Litchfield, Weare, Dunbarton, Pembroke and New Boston and beyond.

City Fuel One Source Fleet Fueling Program maximizes operating revenues by:

  • Providing cost-saving Diesel Fuel Inventory Management from one of the largest Diesel provider’s in N.H.
  • Increasing your buying power and fuel savings.
  • Providing improved credit terms.
  • Maximizing your driver productivity by eliminating fueling delays.
  • Managing and scheduling your fueling needs, freeing staff for other more important activities.
  • Providing centralized billing, detailed fuel usage reports and tax reporting.
  • Ensuring you receive the correct premium diesel fuel, always seasonally winterized.
  • Providing always-metered electronically at delivery time.

City Fuel’s One Source Fueling is used for:

  • Diesel Bulk tank fueling

City Fuel’s One Source Fueling Program for Diesel Fuel features:

  • Premium Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (15ppm Sulfur Maximum), required for use in all model year 2007 and later and recommended for use in all diesel vehicles. Seasonally-winterized for power, lubricity and tough cold weather operation with detergents, stabilizers, lubricity enhancers, corrosion inhibitors, algicides and seasonal cold flow improvers.
  • Seasonally-winterized, with the lowest pour point in town, guaranteed. No need to purchase cold weather additives!
  • Premium Diesel prolongs injector life and reduces engine wear.
  • Premium Diesel inhibits fuel system corrosion and reduces combustion chamber deposits.
  • Premium Diesel inhibits sludge formation and extends filter life.