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No Risk Budget CAP

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Recommended Plan: The City Fuel “No Risk Budget CAP” provides pricing protection, peace of mind and the guarantee of affordable oil all heating season Long!

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Stop the worry about high oil bills coming in at the worst part of the year -around the winter holidays!  Join the City Fuel “No Risk Budget CAP” to spread your payments over 12 months and receive pricing protection against escalating oil prices.  And, if prices drop receive our low retail price throughout the winter. Stop receiving large heating bills without having to pay $2000 or more to oil dealers all at once for pricing protection - we do not want to finance operating costs with your hard earned money!

Saving on fuel costs as a City Fuel customer is as easy as joining the “No Risk Budget CAP.”  It takes an Oil Company the size and age of City Fuel to negotiate contracts with our suppliers to guarantee we have the Oil in place now to support this very special pricing program for the heating season.  Gone are the days when small Oil companies can purchase oil on a tank-by-tank basis during the winter for their customers. City Fuel has over 300,000 Gallons of Oil Storage and 70+ years of Oil Risk Management experience.  The Energy Market can be an extremely risky place if not managed correctly – don't put your trust in anyone else. 

Benefits  of City Fuel’s “NO RISK Budget CAP”:

  • No matter how high oil prices climb, you will not pay more than the CAP Protection Price.  And, if oil prices drop you will receive our low retail price throughout the winter.
  • 12 low, predicable budget payments no matter how much oil you use.
  • Credit balances at the end of the program can be used towards next years heating, a cleaning, or as a refund.
  • Pay your budget payment only, not your fuel deliveries even if you receive more than one delivery in a month.
  • Choose from our convenient payment options - automatic check, re-occurring credit card processing or cash.

Do you wonder why did you pay more for oil when you have been on a fixed price plan?

Answer: The reason is that NO ONE including experts can predict the price of oil in the future. No one can predict if a fixed price is a good choice in the spring, summer or earlier!  Buying a Fixed Plan has inherent risk if pricing fluctuates as this historical heating oil graph proves.

nymex graph

An example of this is this “Picture of Heating Oil Prices 05 through today.”

City Fuel has the solution! Join the City Fuel NO RISK Budget CAP!  No longer do you have to receive high oil bills at the end of the winter.  You’ll never pay more than the CAP price And, if Oil prices drop you will receive our low retail price throughout the winter.

Price Protection Programs only offered between May 1 through October 31.


city fuel price protection
Price Protection
Put a CAP on your oil costs with our 12 month NO RISK BUDGET CAP PLAN

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